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121.06.2023 Criteria for grant of consents to Sewage Treatment Plants (STPSs) installed by Deptt. of Local Govt. in the State of Punjab Click Here
221.06.2023Criteria for grant of consents to Sewage Treatment plants (STPs) installed by Department of Local Government in the State of Punjab Click Here
315.05.2023Transportation of Hazardous Waste and other Wastes for Recycling or Utilization to other States Click Here
421.03.2023Notification regarding revision of application processing fee for the authorization of Hazardous & Other Wastes Management & Transboundary Movement Rules, 2016. Click Here
521.03.2023MoEF has issued notification No.GSR 571(E) dtd. 12.8.2021 vide which manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of identified Single Use Plastic (SUP). Click Here
615.03.2023Revision of sampling and analysis charges of PPCB for air, water, soil and other samples. Click Here
710.03.2023Extension of time to achieve the prescribed standards of liquid waste by the healthcare facilities where terminal Sewage Treatment Plants are to be installed or the same are to be made functional. Click Here
828.02.2023Exption from submission of completion certificate of Pollution Control Devices at the time of obtaining consent to operate by the small scale industries. Click Here
9Environmental Guidelines including siting criteria, emission standards, code of practice etc. for Brick Kilns in the State. Click Here


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